The Antique Mirror Company

Traditionally hand silvered, bespoke, antiqued mirror glass and framed mirrors


Hand Silvered.

The Antique Mirror Company is a small company that grew from The Looking Glass of  Bath who had been handcrafting ‘antique’ mirror glass in Bath for over 30 years. The shop’s traditional client base of interior designers saw the distressed mirror and were inspired. Orders requesting bespoke, aged mirror glass began to grow until we had to take on a bigger workshop, in our quarry, and form a new company to accommodate our mirror’s growing demand and accreditation.

We are still a small business based between Bristol and Bath. Our mirrors are all handmade in a quarry that was roofed over in WW2 to provide a secret aeroplane factory. It’s very cold and there’s no natural light, but it’s perfect for our purposes.



All of our antiqued mirror glass is handmade by us. We start with clear glass and apply silver nitrate to the back use traditional Victorian techniques. We never use new mirrors, chemical spraying or buy our antiqued mirror glass manufactured abroad. As we control every stage of the silvering process we can tweak our finishes to suit your needs and can apply our mirroring to a variety of different types of glass, including toughened for splashbacks.

We Create.


For the past 30 years The Looking Glass of Bath, our sister company, has specialized in making framed mirrors to bespoke sizes and finishes and their mirrors are still hand-made in their workshop in Bath. As they control every stage of the framing process, just like our mirroring process, you can influence each detail of the design to suit your project.

We Elevate.


We’ve supplied thousands of square metres of our antiqued mirror glass around the world, from Scotland to Dubai, and we’re pleased to have recently sent some off to Downing St. after another company’s mirror didn’t quite meet their expectation. Our mirrors can be seen in palaces on walls and in lavatories on floors, and in one circumstance both at the same time!

With over 30 years of experience what can we offer?

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