Terms and conditions



Charged at cost; dependent on location, quantity, size and weight.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all orders before we begin manufacturing your mirror glass. Once deposit has been received this will signal an acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Full balance

Due on completion and prior to delivery.

Sample Matching

Each mirror is handmade and unique, so it is important to remember we cannot guarantee a direct match to a sample and cannot accept liability for variations between a sample and the finished product. There will also be more variation between a small sample and larger panels of glass. We will always work to match your sample as closely as possible until we are satisfied the match is as close as it can be.

Acceptable Glass Defects

All glass will have slight imperfections, for example hairline scratches or small air bubbles. Defects that are acceptable are those that are not visible when the glass is viewed in a vertical position from 6 feet away under normal lighting. Saying this, Antiqued Mirror endeavours to supply glass of the highest quality and will often re-make mirrors where we do not believe the defects to be acceptable.

Accepted tolerances for glass size

Industry standards are plus or minus half the thickness of the glass.


Carried out at the Client’s own risk.

Delivery to and from our workshop taken at client’s own risk.

Toughened Glass

This glass often has small roller marks or ripples across the surface, once silvered these ripples can become more noticeable. Saying this, genuine antiqued mirror glass displays similar distortions.

Client Supplied Information

Any advice on thickness or size of glass and method of installation provided by Antiqued Mirror does not guarantee adequacy for a specific purpose and is given on the basis that the product specification is to be checked for suitability by the Client. Antiqued Mirror cannot accept any liability for damage or injury to property or persons or for any costs, expenses or losses incurred by the Client or their clients as a result of the inadequacy of the Goods for a specific purpose.


Clients’ are always advised to only use the adhesive supplied by The Antiqued Mirror Co. If any other adhesive is used this could cause the silvering on the back of the glass to be effected. Other adhesive is used at the client’s own risk.

Installation in moist environments

Clients’ are advised to seal mirror glass to protect it from being damaged by moisture. If glass is not sealed or not sealed properly and damaged from moisture The Antique Mirror Co. is not liable.

Organic ageing

The Antique Mirror Co. uses Silver Nitrate, as opposed to Aluminium, which is used to make to most new mirrors, it is possible that your mirror glass will organically age over time. The Antique Mirror Co. is not liable for any undesirable organic aging after installation.