From heavy distressing all over the glass to subtle smoked edges


Hand Silvered.

All of our antiqued mirror glass is handmade by us using traditional Victorian techniques. We never use new mirrors, chemical spraying or buy our antiqued mirror glass manufactured abroad. As we control every stage of the silvering process we can tweak the finishes below to suit your needs. We can supply our mirrors on a variety of different types of glass; from toughened for splashbacks to wire glass for a more industrial look. All of our glass is cut to your required sizes before silvering to ensure we achieve the most authentic distressing across the surface of the glass and around all of the edges.

We offer a darker or more heavily distressed finish for all of our mirrors. These darker options still offer a reflection, but one that is distorted and somewhat obscured. The majority of the finishes below can also solely be applied to the outside of the mirror leaving you with a bright centre. We can also try to match a sample or image of antiqued mirror you may already have.

If finding it hard to select the finish that will be best for your project, please see our installations page for inspiration. Alternatively we are very happy to discuss what you are looking for to find a finish that is exactly what you are looking for.



Our glass starts at £388.00 per square metre, which is for 4mm, clean cut antiqued mirror glass. If you do require any additional glasswork, for example toughening or polished edges, this is slightly more. If you would like a quote please do not hesitate to get in contact,

All of our samples are free of charge, within reason, and our typical lead time is 3 working days.


Subtle Vintage

Heavy Vintage

Subtle or Heavy Vintage

A combination of smoke and mottle, this distressing is typically around the edges of the glass. A more pronounced, but authentic aged finished.

Bespoke glass starts at £388.00 per square metre

Subtle Fox

Heavy Fox

Subtle or Heavy Fox

Small, randomly distributed flexed marking. This marking can also be applied just around the edges of the glass. The subtle fox marking almost achieves a mercury mirror sparkle.

Bespoke glass starts at £388.00 per square metre

Light Cloud

Dark Cloud

Light or Dark Cloud

More pronounced marking across the entire surface of the glass producing a rougher, distressed patina in comparison to our other finishes.

Bespoke glass starts at £388.00 per square metre

Light Smoke

Dark Smoke

Light or Dark Smoke

Smokey marking around all edges of the glass with a bright centre. This finish has proved to be the most popular and there are many examples in our installations.

Bespoke glass starts at £388.00 per square metre

Light Antique

Dark Antique

Light or Dark Antique

Minimal marking across the entire surface of the glass, this finish offers a warmer alternative to harsh, new modern mirrors.

Bespoke glass starts at £388.00 per square metre

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