It is time to make some changes around here…


Have you ever looked around your room and wished it could be a bit brighter, a bit different, well here’s how to slightly change things without breaking the bank. I thought I would start with the kitchen, as the kitchen is after all the heart of any home.

Through the magic of photoshop, I have mocked up a backsplash using our glass to give you a before and after picture…



Without Backsplash


With Antique Glass Backsplash

 We are very proud to supply our antiqued glass to Chalon which has been featured in several publications.

Antiqued glass backsplashes are the ‘IN’ thing to have in your kitchen right now and we have supplied our antiqued glass for kitchens all over the world.

Another really nice and completely simple idea is to use old bottles and carboys and to have us silver them for you. You can add some light into a room or make a statement using something everyone either has around the house, or can be found really easily at car boot sales, just like these bottles below:

 The look of the hand silvered the bottle is quite dramatic, the bottle now has a luminescent quality about it, it bounces light around the room. Such a simple thing to do, and it creates such a large impact.

Hand Silvered Carboy

 Recently, I was looking for inspiration on the internet and was stunned by the the popularity of people wanting their glass tealight holders silvered, we can quite easily do this for you.

These would be perfect for wedding table centerpieces, warm summer evenings sitting outside or just a cozy look for the living room.

image courtsey of

hand silvered tealight holder

Last but not least, I got this idea from Anthony Reed, The owner of Antiqued Glass of Bath, who used our antiqued glass to transform his old bookcases at home, I thought that idea would be perfect for this blog and with the help of my trusty friend photoshop, I give you an example of how a shelving unit would look transformed with our antiqued glass.

shelving unit without antique glass
shelving unit without antique glass
Shelving unit with our antiqued glass

The effect is fantastic and so simple to do. If any of these things inspire you to make some changes in your house using antiqued glass, do give us a ring on 01225 461969 to discuss your ideas.

Till next time,